late 1950 and 60s

Monday, July 25, 2005

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Blogger Help : What is BlogThis! ?
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Janiary 5th 1941

I was born in an adobe house at 707 West Utah St.
in Carlsbad New Mexico. My folks had lost a child
the year before. I would have had an older Sister
called Violet. I really think that had she lived our
lives would have been must different.
Times were hard back then with the war and all.
The potash mines where the main means of earning
a living for most of the people. My Dad worked at
the US potash mines. He ran what they called an
undercutter. I never seen one but from what
I have heard it must have been like a large chain
saw on its side with a place where an operator
could set or stand to run the machine.
The miners would have to ride an elevator down
several hundered feet below the ground to the
work area.